Fellowships, Scholarships and Awards

We offer a range of scholarships and bursaries to support our residential community. It’s an important way for us to give back and helps us add value to the culture and community of our College.

What is a scholarship or bursary?

Scholarships are generally merit-based, while bursaries are needs-based. Some are awarded for the duration of university studies, while others are awarded for one year only.

You can only apply for a Trinity Residential College scholarship or bursary if you intend to live with us for the full academic year.

Other financial support

There’s a range of financial support in addition to what we offer as a college. Most universities have a selection of scholarships designed to support students from all backgrounds.

If you’re moving to Perth from an outer regional or remote area you could be eligible for the Tertiary Access Payment. This is one-off payment of $5,000 helps students to relocate for their studies.

Financial support for 2023

Download our flyer to find out what’s available for new residents.

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