Support, Health and Wellbeing

Trinity residents have a wealth of counselling and support pathways to promote academic performance, plus physical and mental health.

Academic Support

We all strive to be the best, and sometimes studies can seem overwhelming. Trinity residents have heaps of study support options, including tutoring by senior students. Meet with friends in one of our group study spaces or dedicated study building; the Resource Centre (with printing and PC options).

Wellbeing and THRIVE

There is always someone to talk to. Trinity’s THRIVE framework guides the services of our Health & Wellbeing Counsellor.

Bronwyn Milkins is a psychologist who specialises in helping people experiencing mental health difficulties create healthier relationships with themselves and others so that they can live a life of greater purpose and fulfilment.

Bronwyn Milkins, our Health & Wellbeing Counsellor.

Bronwyn Milkins, our Health & Wellbeing Counsellor.

Resident Support

Resident Advisors (RAs) are senior students who are employed to help you with college life. They can answer your questions about the campus and help you get settled in and meeting friends.

The Resident Coordinators and Residents’ Association look after most of the events at Trinity, with the Association being student-elected annually.


Trinity brings you closer to your academic goals, with scholarships for new and returning residents. Contribution to the College and the wider community can lead to even more bursary opportunities.