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When Azra moved from her home country of Singapore, she made the choice to live and study at TRC for a few reasons: our inclusive nature, included meals and easy access to transport.

Trinity has always made its culture an inclusive one. This was a key factor for me in choosing Trinity as an International Student. With many residents from diverse backgrounds, I also didn’t have to worry about feeling lonely. Trinity created opportunities for me and my international peers to integrate with residents. Trinity also ensures that it caters to every dietary restriction and as a student who has one, I didn’t have to worry about my meals. A bonus is also that Trinity is located right next to the only bus that goes to the business school, making it convenient.

What’s your favourite place in the College?
The Rogerson Centre has been my go-to space should I want to relax and have a chat with my friends or even play sports. It’s well-equipped with many entertainment tools, from a pool table to table tennis equipment. The Rogerson room is perfect for unwinding my time with my friends or even breaking a sweat.

What makes Trinity a special place to be a part of?
College life has allowed residents like me to manage my time better where we work hard, but we play harder. With supporting peers and mentors to help you with your studies, I have never felt alone when encountering difficulties with my education. Trinity has been a safe and comfortable place for me to be in and everybody here is like family.

What are the best parts of Trinity?
Walking around in Trinity is always comfortable for me, no matter the time. Knowing that we have night-shift duty officers to keep the college safe and peaceful has definitely played a large role for not only me but for my family back home to know that I am safe.

How is the dining experience at Trinity?
With the circular tables, accompanied by the great variety of dishes that Trinity serves, where every individual has their eating needs catered to, the dining room has been an integral part of the Trinity lifestyle where you are able to meet new friends and catch up.

Have you been able to see more of Australia at Trinity?
Trinity organizes trips, for instance, we’re going to go to Rottnest Island next week, and during my fresher time, we went to the Pinnacles, Lancelin, and a few other places. Trinity provides the transportation to go to those places even though I don’t have a car!

What advice do you have for new residents entering the College?
The best advice I could give is to talk to your Residential Advisers or mentors who will be there to guide them every step along the way. The team is well-equipped to assist you and answer any questions you need to start pumping your college life.

College life in Trinity has definitely been a colourful one for me. Not only because of the beautiful gardening that Trinity has to offer, but also because Trinity has developed me into a more well-rounded student.