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Studying abroad from her home in China, Blair has made a lot of new friends at Trinity. Not just with Australians, but US and European exchangers who’ve offered to take care of her if she chooses to travel around the world. She’s also managed to learn some Spanish and start practising the piano with resident-led tutorials. Now, after three semesters here, Blair is a Resident Coordinator.

I’ve been offered to be a Resident Coordinator in the College, and am really honoured. I’ve made a lot of friends in Trinity – it has an atmosphere of home, the actual feeling of home.

How does Trinity cater to vegetarians?
The vegetarian food here is amazing! Like, even the non-vegetarians sometimes they want to steal the vegetarian food. But the chefs make sure that there’s always enough. Every time I go to the Dining Room, even if I’m late, the chefs always save me vegetarian dumplings.

What do you like about the College?
I especially like the round tables in the Dining Room because everyone gets a chance to talk, and the truth is I never feel awkward or uncomfortable sitting on an unknown table. All the residents are so open and easy to chat with. As an Asian, I feel that I can actually fit in this community.

What makes Trinity a special place to be a part of?
The respect of different cultures. Every semester we have theme dinners of different countries (Dutch, British, Chinese…), which makes the culture in Trinity really diverse and interesting. Therefore, no matter what cultural background a resident is from, he/she can always be comfortable being a part of Trinity.

Tell us about Trinity events?
Everyone gets an opportunity to engage in events. There are no specific rules of what event we (the Resident Coordinators) should run, which gives us a lot of flexibility and creativity.

What’s your favourite spot in Trinity?
My favourite spot currently is the study zone in the Dining Room where there are a lot of desk lamps. When everyone finishes their dinner and then the whole Dining Room is quiet with the chilled background music, it’s my favourite time of the day.

What have you learned at TRC?
I love the tutoring classes at Trinity. The first semester when I was here, Steven was my Finance Intro tutor and it helped a lot to catch up the uni content. This semester I started learning Spanish from Victor and Piano from Moriah. I appreciate that Trinity is able to provide us with this platform, I have gained so much knowledge and fun from those tutorials.

What advice do you have for new residents entering the College?
Try to engage in the activities especially in Orientation Week as much as possible, it is such a great opportunity get to know people and become a part of the family. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your RA about any problem you are facing currently.

Even being a thousand miles away from home, all the staff and friends here keep me from feeling homesick.