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Macushla (Cush to her friends) used to be an assistant wedding photographer, before moving to Trinity to study advertising at Curtin. Originally from the Wheatbelt town of Kulin, in her first year she shared a balcony at the College with her childhood best friend.

Being a Trinity resident means no matter how bad your day‘s been, you’ll come home to a place where people care and you feel like you belong. It means you’re part of a family.

Growing up as a boarder, how did you find the transition to college?
It’s been really great. It was kind of interesting to see how outside of a school environment a college was going to be. There’s so much freedom, so many great people, I’ve enjoyed it. You’re still in a safe space, but there’s so much more leeway to do your own thing and be your own person and make your own friends.

Tell us about the food on campus?
I think the kitchen staff do such a great job. There are always so many options, like salads, meats, vegetarian, pasta, rice. You’d be doing pretty hard if you couldn’t find something you’d like to eat.

What might a resident expect in the first week?
It’s really good, everyone you walk past says hello, no one’s afraid to talk to you, it just feels like a really welcoming environment.

What are the best parts of the College?

  • The people (ressies)
  • Sunday brunch
  • Mim’s dogs
  • The grounds, and lemon trees especially!

What is the community like at Trinity Residential College?
A group of girls and I often crawl up in the common room to watch The Bachelor, and as the show goes on, more and more people stop by and join in. It’s these types of simple community experiences that mean the world.

There’s always something happening, like backyard cricket, a new footy game someone’s invented… it just feels like a really welcoming environment.