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Jagath (or Jug, as he prefers) has spent two years as a resident at Trinity, finishing his studies at the end of 2018. Studying for his undergraduate degree in India, and previously living in Oman and Abu Dhabi, this was his first college experience.

As a musician, his college highlights include playing in front of huge crowds at two Battle of the Bands. Trinity made him fall in love with Australia, wanting to stay to work, enjoy the atmosphere and be amongst family again. Since my study has been exercise physiology, sport was a big aspect for me, so participating in inter-college sporting activities was a main thing. They have inter-wing sports as well at Trinity. Apart from sport, there are a lot of social events, I took part in at least 80% of them. It meant I made more friends, in different ways.

Tell us about one of the best memories you have at Trinity.
One of the best memories I’ve had is Battle of the Bands – definitely a highlight for me. On campus, I did enjoy the Masquerade Ball last year. Again, it’s hard to pick a favourite but moments spent with different people is by far the most enjoyable.

Tell us about the Dining Room; perhaps your favourite dish?
The new Dining Room looks a lot like a fancy restaurant and the food is no exception either. I have a lot of favourite dishes and can’t list them all.

What made you choose Trinity to live and study?
In terms of study, being so close to The University of Western Australia and a perfect location to access the libraries and get to classes on time. The location makes it easily accessible to various stores and supermarkets, which are all a maximum of a 15-min walk. This is what made me choose Trinity when I was back home deciding which college to go to.

What makes Trinity Residential College a special place to be a part of?
The ever-engaging community is a big aspect and indeed a special place to be in. Never a dull moment spent here.

What have you learned at Trinity while at university?
I’ve learned a lot from Trinity and I hope I’ve done everything to give back as well. I’ve had a lot of character building, personality development, opportunities to gain knowledge from people from around the world, and improved my leadership skills, responsibility and management in general.

Any advice for new residents entering the College?
Take part in every event that comes up; friendships are forged in unlikely places. Improve your time-management skills to get assignments done quickly so that the rest of your semester can be spent enjoying events, making memories and friendships that span across continents. Get uni work done before the weekend to go out on road trips!

What is your grand goal, or the next step?
Being an International student could be scary, but Trinity made it enjoyable and made me fall in love with Australia. I will definitely try to extend my stay here and possibly work here. There is still so much to see and experience!

Trinity is the perfect balance between work and play, choosing when to get serious or have fun.