Jordan was entering the final year of her degree in Canada when she decided to finish it overseas in Australia. The second that two friends found out she was going on exchange to UWA they immediately told her “Stay at Trinity!” After exchange, she plans to head back to Canada to start a full-time position at Ernst & Young.

My university in Canada is one of the top rated in the country and most of the people who attend there live at home. So this is my first time living away from home.

How was your experience in the first week?
I thought it was really great for meeting new people. I had a lot of friends who went on exchange and they struggled the first few weeks in a new country because they didn’t have any friends, they didn’t have anyone to do anything with. Right off the bat, I went to dinner and met so many new people.

Your favourite dish in the Dining Room?
Sandwich day every Wednesday! Also coffee and tea are available at all times of the day which is especially great if you love coffee like me!

How have you seen more of Australia with Trinity?
During Orientation Week there’s a lot of activities going on. We went sandboarding, and went to the Pinnacles, to two different zoos, to the Swan Valley winery. Throughout the year there’s so many different dinners and events. We’ve done so many things.

How are the people you’ve met at Trinity?
Everyone I’ve met here is so friendly and helpful, and it’s just a great place to stay!

If someone was considering an exchange to Perth?
Go to everything! Trinity provides so many activities during Orientation and throughout the year. It’s a great place to meet and get to know new people as well as lots of fun!

There are so many events all the time. You are never bored, there is always something to do!