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Before moving to Perth, Olivia was living in Bermuda. She had the option to do her schooling in the US or UK – but she chose Trinity to get the full university experience in Australia. Living at TRC also meant avoiding the hour-long daily commute from her family home in Hillarys. She’s hoping to finish her degree here and continue onto post-grad while living at Trinity.

One of the best memories I have from my time at Trinity so far was being involved in the Fresher dance during Orientation Week. I really enjoyed working together with new people throughout the week on the dance, which was extremely fun.

What’s your favourite space in the College and why?
My new favourite space at Trinity is the new Dining Room. It’s a place to study, socialise and eat. That’s where I meet quite a few friends, it’s easy to meet people who come in.

Tell us about some of the facilities at TRC?
I really enjoy going to the gym at Trinity a few times a week, which acts as an outlet away from study and breaks up the day.

What’s your favourite dish in the Dining Room?
Besides dessert and the all-you-can-eat ice-cream at dinner, I really look forward to brunch on a Sunday afternoon. They have nice waffles and pancakes which I really enjoy!

What are the best parts of Trinity?
One of the best things about going to Trinity is the number of lifelong friendships you make over the time you’re living at Trinity – regardless of them being exchangers or Australians. The best part about this is that I know I have relationships with people in each corner of the globe.