Before coming to Trinity, Tre had previous experience living away from home, boarding at Scotch College from Years 7-12. College life allowed him to develop his own independence and grow as a person, including learning guitar and getting involved in Trinity’s various sporting and social events.

I love Trinity, the community is one of the best ever. Honestly, after coming here for a year I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

What made you choose Trinity to live and study?
I heard about the great culture the college offers. I decided to choose Trinity over other colleges as I value an immersive culture where residents are welcomed.

What’s your favourite dish served in the Dining Room?
I couldn’t really limit myself to one, because I have a lot of favourite days: Burgers, Pizza, Curry and the weekly Caesar Salad. We have themed dinners which are always really interesting like, before the Mid-Autumn Festival which was Chinese, we had a Dutch-themed dinner because we had a lot more Dutch students coming that semester.

How do you feel you are academically supported?
In my first semester the Senior RA posted on Facebook to comment with any subjects you wouldn’t mind getting help with and connected us to tutor support from other students who have performed quite well academically in previous years.

At the College, they offer different tutorials for music, including for guitar and piano, ranging from all different skill levels.

Can you describe your College experience?
Coming to college is an enlightening experience where you learn about yourself and others and build long-lasting friendships.

What advice would you give to students who are joining the college?
Enjoy every moment as time flies – go outside your comfort zone and try new things.

My favourite space is the new study area in the dining area, where I can study and also talk with friends.