Working at Trinity means working in a place that feels familiar but is always evolving in exciting ways. Working with like-minded people who really want to make Trinity the best home it can be for the residents, but also a place where they can develop and grow as people.

Tell us about one of the best memories you have at Trinity.
I lived here in the ‘90s with our children and I have really fond memories of them playing in the grounds, dressing up for theme dinners and connecting with a really diverse group of students, many of whom they still talk about very fondly. The staff and residents were definitely their extended family and it was a very special time for us as a family.

Any hobbies, interests or superhero backstory you’d like to share?
Coming to live at College felt very comfortable for me as I grew up in a hotel in the city and I had an extended family of staff and long-term residents and ate in a dining room, so it really felt like home very quickly.

Tell us about the Dining Room; perhaps your favourite dish?
I am in awe that our catering staff can create such yummy healthy food every day for so many people. I love the chilli mussels on Fridays!

What makes Trinity a special place to be a part of?
I think Trinity gives residents an experience that they will look back on as a really special time in their lives – making friends, having fun, feeling supported whilst gaining a sense of independence in a safe environment.

What advice do you have for new residents entering the College?
Get involved in everything you can; have a range of new experiences in an environment that is safe and nurturing. Open yourself up to meeting people from diverse backgrounds. Contribute where you can to college life and it will give back to you tenfold.