Karen has been a part of Trinity Residential College for 8 years. Her position of Administrative Assistant to the Head of College isn’t just admin, she regularly interacts with students, including running the bike-hire service on campus. She is also a theatre buff, been a member of Wanneroo Repertory for over two decades, directing and starring in a number of award-winning production over the years.

Tell us about one of the best memories you have at Trinity.
Simply walking through the grounds every day, passing residents who always wave with a friendly smile and a “Hi Karen!”

What have you learned at Trinity?
The true meaning of diversity.

What are the best parts of Trinity?
Great comradery spirit. Few residents leave Trinity without making new lasting friendships from all over Australia and many parts of the world. The exchange students may only be here for one semester. It’s sad to see them go, but from their time here they meet people from around the world. They can go and travel later in life and never have to pay for accommodation. Towards the end of the semester, a lot of residents go over east or travel around to see some more of Australia before going home.

What advice do you have for new residents entering TRC?
College life is a great transition from High School to “the big wide world.” Residents all have one common goal which is to study. Therefore the College provides great support to assist residents to achieve results.

Throughout the year there are functions and events which residents take part in such as theme and formal dinners, trips off-site, activities on-site, inter-wing and inter-college events, all creating strong community spirit within the College. Although residents are treated with respect as young adults the college provides some supervision within the grounds and pastoral care whenever needed.

It’s lovely to work in a team environment where we all have the same goal. The reward is to see how much the residents enjoy their college experience knowing it will leave them with lasting happy memories which will last a lifetime. It’s great to be a part of that.