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Working at Trinity means I have the unique opportunity to provide efficient and comprehensive health and wellbeing services for residents. It is a privilege to be able to support and assist young people to thrive in a tertiary environment.

What’s your favourite space in the College and why?
My favourite outside space at Trinity is the West Quad, especially when the Jacaranda trees are in flower. As I walk through this area of college I never fail to appreciate the spectacular environment I am fortunate to work in.  My favourite inside space is, of course, the Health and Wellbeing room especially when it is full of residents for our weekly ‘Midweek Mindfulness’ session – it’s a lovely experience to quieten our minds together in this calm space.

Tell us about the Dining Room; perhaps your favourite dish?
The vegetarian menu at Trinity is consistently delicious but I particularly enjoy the large range of fresh salads each lunchtime.

What makes Trinity a special place to be a part of?
The energy and ideas generated by such a vibrant and diverse community. Sharing meals and events with staff and residents; working closely with the resident leadership team

What advice do you have for new residents entering the College?
Help and support throughout your university journey is on your doorstep at Trinity.

Trinity has so much to offer – get involved; participate; enjoy!