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Mim began her journey with Trinity 16 years ago as a resident and undergrad. Over a decade later, and she still keeps in touch with many of the friends she made in those early years.

I am fortunate not only to be a staff member but also a resident alumni of Trinity. I lived here for six years as both an undergraduate and graduate student, which afforded me many wonderful experiences and memories. Trinity is where I met my husband while he was on exchange from the U.S. and, ten years later, our journey has come full circle.

What’s your role here at Trinity?
I have a lot to do with recruitment and admissions. When the ressies start here I help with the programming around that with the Director of Residential Life.

What makes Trinity a special place to be?
The ability to meet people from all over the world. As a resident I always thought of it as a great place to meet people from all over the world and travel and catch up with those people, to broaden your insight and scope into the world. The experiences it offers as well. If you were just in a standard university setting, you wouldn’t necessarily have the opportunities you get from living in a residential college.

What opportunities are afforded to students?
There are plenty of social events, academic support like tutors if you need that in the classroom, there are leadership opportunities for personal growth and career development, and just friendships, really.

What’s your favourite space in the College and why?
The abundant outdoor areas; we’re so lucky to have such beautiful grounds on campus where we can have lunch outside, walk the dogs (Nora and Sydney), play tennis and/or basketball, or simply read a book in the sunshine.

Can you describe your College experience?
I was in several leadership positions during college and, as a result, gained a lot of experience in building relationships, developing self-awareness, practicing conflict resolution, and peer counselling. This allowed me to expand my professional toolkit, as well as transfer those skills to higher education. Without those early years, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

What advice do you have for new residents entering the College?
Get involved as much as possible! It can be pretty daunting putting yourself out there at first but, once you do, it’s so worth it. It can open many new doors to opportunities you would never have imagined. My time at Trinity allowed me to travel the world and visit a lot of lifelong friends I made here over 10 years ago.