Being a previous resident of Trinity, Rachel has taken on the full-time position of Marketing Manager for the College. In 2018 she was awarded the Educate Plus Newcomer Award for her work at Trinity within the Australian & New Zealand education industry.

I get to be around driven, passionate young adults every day. I find it incredible how much some residents manage to fit into each day (the Trinity events calendar is truly ridiculous) and am constantly inspired by their idealism and commitment to the College.

What’s your favourite space in the College and why?
The grounds, I am so grateful to be able to work in such a beautiful place that values green spaces so much! I love sneaking outside with my laptop to work in one of the quads on a sunny day.

What are the best parts of Trinity?
The community, without a doubt. But also the beautiful grounds, the amazing events of every variety, and the lifelong friendships you make here.

Tell us about the Dining Room; perhaps your favourite dish?
The new refurbishment has made the Dining Room an amazing multi-purpose space. There is always a great vibe when you walk through the doors and it’s nice to see people utilizing all the different pockets to find a study area that works for them. My favourite lunch has to be kebab day, I wish DIY lamb kebabs with hummus were on the menu every week!

Tell us about one of the best memories you have at Trinity.
When I was a second-year resident living in Argyll my flatmates and I used to have dance parties in our kitchen and corridor all the time. No excuse for a party needed.

What makes Trinity a special place to be a part of?
As Trinity provides everything you need, the community experience is phenomenal. Aside from going to uni, you could quite comfortably live at Trinity without ever needing to leave! Having such great communal living spaces and facilities like the Dining Room that promote social experiences and meeting new people means that everyone is a familiar face and the bonds that you form are lifelong. Plus, meeting a diverse network of people from all over the world is an amazing opportunity that you would be hard-pressed to find almost anywhere else.

What advice do you have for new residents entering the College?
Make the most of every opportunity and try to meet lots of different people. Explore Perth and WA! Work hard enough to pass your units but not so hard that you miss making the most of the college lifestyle. These really are the best years of your life!