Feel at ease when you know that your child is in good hands at Trinity Residential College. We are a safe and welcoming community with amenities, facilities and support programs in place for your child’s wellness and daily comfort.

This is a home with great values, a home where our residents are encouraged to live life to their fullest potential, a home where they experience learning with joy and laughter, and a home where our residents are always growing for the better of themselves and their community.

Safety and Security

  • 24 hours security
  • Fenced perimeter
  • RFID tag entry
  • Resident Advisors & staff members living on site for 24 hours support

Health & Wellness

  • On-site holistic wellness center for physical and mental health support
  • Walking proximity to major hospitals


  • A Sign Fee of $75 will be required to reserve your spot. This fee is non-refundable
  • University of Western Australia applicants are charged a $125 non-refundable Application Fee that is paid directly to the university on their website. This does not apply to applicants of other universities. Contact us directly at +61 9423 9423 or residentservices@uwa.edu.au for more information.
  • No penalty will be charged in the case of failure to secure an Offer of Enrolment or Student Visa upon proof of information. Aside from the $75 Sign Fee, all other made payments will be refunded.
  • Payments can be paid via direct debit, bank cheque, bank transfer, credit card and BPay.
  • Fees can be paid in installments – monthly, fortnightly or even weekly. Discuss with us today!

Cancellation Policy

  • For break of contracts, the resident is to meet with our Head of College prior to approval. A penalty fee will be discussed based on circumstances regarding the contract break. Penalty typically costs 6 weeks of fees,however it varies on a case to case basis.

Residents Under 18

  • Non-Australian / International citizens under 18 attending the University of Western Australia is applicable to apply
  • Australian citizens and permanent residents under 18 attending all Perth Universities will require a signed guardian consent form that states they are allowed to stay at Trinity Residential College


Resident with 2 older siblings previously at Trinity

Trinity is welcoming environment that bolsters a good understanding of different cultures and upbringings. Having told stories of both my older siblings’ experience living here while at university, I decided to live here as well. The variety of social, cultural, travel and sporting events definitely made my university experience better.

Amritav Raj

Amritav Raj
Mother of a Resident

It was month of July 2018 and Rishi, my son had just moved to Perth to pursue his Master’s degree at UWA. Rishi managed to get his accommodation at a new place near the university at Trinity. We were not very sure what to expect at this new environment. But to our pleasant surprise, Trinity offered a safe and highly secured environment for a balanced and healthy lifestyle with world-class accommodation, excellent board and lodging, where residents are almost pampered! I was highly impressed with the surrounding with breathtaking landscaped gardens at stone’s throw from the university. It was a pleasure meeting the support staff and friendly resident advisors who are available 24/7.